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We are bringing Topgolf - one of the most innovative entertainment concepts in the world - to Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. There are more than 60 Topgolf locations in the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia and the UAE. We are working with landowners and communities to provide this unique experience to our guests.


We are the partner and official licensee of Topgolf for Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. Our mission is to:

  • Provide an unrivaled experience to our guests

  • Create fulfilling jobs for our associates

  • Generate competitive returns for our investors

  • Enable the global expansion of Topgolf​




We establish sophisticated investment vehicles to finance our Topgolf venues, providing attractive opportunities to debt and equity investors.


Key benefits for investors are:

  • High-return real estate investment in proven leisure concept

  • Reputable investment manager and vehicles

  • No development risk with rent based on construction cost

  • Participation in exit upside (equity investors)

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We work closely with authorities at municipal, regional and national level to ensure that everyone profits from a new Topgolf venue.


Key benefits for local communities are:

  • Substantial local construction volume

  • Around 370 jobs during construction and 450 jobs once opened

  • Innovative attraction with 400'000+ yearly visitors

  • Large amount of locally sourced goods and services 

  • Significant direct and indirect tax revenues



We purchase parcels or lease them long-term to build Topgolf venues throughout our territory.

Key benefits for landowners are:

  • Single buyer for large parcel (30’000+ sqm)

  • Efficient all-cash transactions

  • Significant value increase of adjacent parcels

  • Support in dealing with authorities (e.g., rezoning)


Meet our Team


David Speiser

CEO, Co-Founder,

Member of the Board



Join our team by applying to one of the following positions:

Executive Assistant

Support the CEO and CFO in all administrative matters and be part of the team which brings Topgolf to Europe.

IT Manager

Be the IT leader and a member of the management team of Topgolf's newest venue in Oberhausen (Germany).

Finance Manager / Controller

Be the Head of Finance and a member of the management team of Topgolf's newest venue in Oberhausen (Germany).

Please send your CV and a motivation letter either by e-mail to or mail it to the following address: Greenreb AG, Kohlrainstrasse 8, 8700 Küsnacht, Switzerland.




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